Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Truth about Profit Blogging

You might be wondering where I left off since my last post if you look at the date. All of a sudden there are no more posts since then. What happened for the last 3 years? To be honest I was demotivated and rather discouraged about the true facts on profit blogging. I readily know that it might take years before I can actually see any results so to speak.

I have been trying many things and possible ways to earn something for a living and profit blogging is just one of them and it’s a new field that I kept on trying.


I couldn’t agree more about traffic. I think it’s THE most important aspect of anything in the realm of money making on the Internet. It is as simple as to regard traffic as customers who walk pass your shop and to think of keywords as their interest to why they would enter your shop and purchase something. Not using the right keywords would mean to not care about what the customers want. Traffic is like viewers on YouTube. More views simply mean more traffic. More traffic does not necessarily mean more profit if you don’t have good products up for grab. Always have good contents to offer. At least that would keep the interested minds on board.

Time and Pressure

Ever since I watched The Shaytards on YouTube, I really love this quote from Shay Carl and if I may say, his mentor for success, Dave Ramsey. “Time and Pressure”. It’s simply a motivational figure of speech in which a person, me or you or anyone else must be patient (time) and keep doing whatever that we’re doing. Applying “pressure” is like to keep on pushing and never to give up or surrender for whatever objective that we’re attempting to reach. Coming back to that aforementioned 3 years in the first paragraph, I was purely way off this time and pressure concept, to the point of giving up and never to be blogging again.

I am not embarrassed to say that I am a result-driven person. I must see some results, some good signs to come, in order to be certain, to proceed and to go on with what I am currently doing.  My profit blogging journey started to show something, even from the low number of traffic that I am getting just by the year 2008. That was a clear sign that I should go on and keep doing what I was doing. To keep applying time and pressure indeed.

In short, the truth is you need to give it some time before you would actually see any results. I knew I read that somewhere, I am confirming to that notion now. That making some profit out of blogging was indeed true. Don’t be dreaming about making huge profit within the blink of an eye or overnight though. So, give in some time, keep on blogging and posting good stuff. With a bit of luck you’ll be on your way to reach greater success. Put it this way, always be positive.