Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to choose a design template for your blog

If you choose to use the freely available design templates provided by Blogger.com you can put some thoughts on how you should select them based on your niche topic. It is basically finding a template that can be used to reflect what your blog is all about.

Design templates typically work on the concept of themes. Themes are designed in many different colors, shapes and sizes. But generally in terms of overall presentation they would work with just about any content that you would want to post on your blogs. It's only a matter of choosing the most effective or the right template to work.

If your niche is about positive and vibrant thoughts of life for instance, try to use a template with very fancy designs and color schemes. If you blog about memorable events of the past or something nostalgic, a soothing color scheme with scenic background image may just be perfect to reflect that.

Another way is trying to link the keywords of your blog with the design template. For example, if you are blogging about youth lifestyle, look for a template that gives you a feeling of being "youthful". You can also look for symbols in the design that goes along with "lifestyle" in addition.

I personally think that choosing one that works is relatively easy but might be confusing if you're just beginning to blog and it can be worse if you don't have a niche topic to blog about. It can be difficult to match a template with various topics posted in your blog. It would not be appropriate if you choose a very striking or vibrant color like templates when you are blogging about your home gardening, fishing and camping all at the same time.