Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is a blog really a blog in its pure essence?

You have seen many blogs around since it ever started in the late nineties and maybe to realize that the culture of blogging seemed to have changed a lot along the way. In the early days blogs are like for teenagers to rant all they want on everything about their lives. It is like an online diary where the mind speaks for itself.

But today, blogging has evolved with a mixture of purposes other than rants. In fact, blogging can be used for any purposes – to educate, to share ideas, to tell a story, to promote a product and of course to make some money. It’s really in the power of the blogger. You can write whatever you want on your blog. Depending on where you live, freedom of speech might not be applicable to certain countries. Be safe and blog about things that won’t endanger you.

When I think about the true nature of blogging, something tells me that it is about a real-time approach to churn out words based on what you feel and think at that particular moment. It is supposed to be spontaneous and not as a planned effort. Well, you need to know on what you will blog about too so to speak.

Today, with the advancement of technology we can save what we write and continue editing or writing later. That is more like an article writing rather than actual blogging to me. I am not saying that this is wrong but it is just that blogging seems to be more of an informal thing to do. Blogging has no specific format as you can do what you want. What do you think on this?

Article writing is like having some formality of doing things. There should be some required word counts, some structure to follow with and specific rules to follow like having an introduction and a conclusion to name a few. But most blogs today are filled with contents that sometimes sounded too formal to us don’t they? Even what I write now look like formal to me in some way.

In my opinion, blogs today have different, not definition, but purposes from what they used to be when blogging first started. Instead of writing about daily rants, it is more worth it to write something that I could research about and share from my point of view. I could learn at the same time. It’s a bonus to me. Blog really is a blog, similar to comparing that a book is just a book. But contents make them to be viewed differently.