Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts on blogging and

Have you started your blog yet? Have you thought of the things that you would like to blog about? Think about your interests. They can be many but that is good because you have many blogs to create. Each can be used to discuss on a specific "niche" topic, tailored to only readers with the same interest.

If you're reading this, then you are reading a post that is hosted on a free blogging platform called It's a Google product with features or plugins that I love more than what a free platform could offer. But do take note, if you want to have your blog hosted, Wordpress is no doubt a wiser choice. Tonnes of customizations that you can do in comparison.

But that only matters if you want to fully monetize your blog. I am not saying that you can't monetize your blog on The word "fully" as aforementioned in my opinion only means that you can have additional cool things that you can do such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization features and so forth. Wordpress platform is free to use and the plugins created are free as well. Only the hosting part is not free as you have to consider buying and registring a domain name and pay for a web hosting service.

Back to I love the intuitive interface and features that has. Writing a post is a snap and the features are very well organized. It is indeed fast. The preview feature is good. In fact, I see a lot of improvements made compared to previous versions of You can add cool widgets and Adsense can be implemented very easily.

For now, I am going to look more into design templates that can be used for I would like to see how cool can other design templates for be. Until then, get yourself a blogger account and start blogging.