Sunday, October 12, 2008

Welcome to bloggersyde

Hey everyone. Welcome to bloggersyde. This blog is just up and running. Here I will be posting mostly on stuff related to blogging - tips, monetizing blogs, profit blogging, money making, Internet Marketing and possibly some rants to break the boredom. Perhaps like most of you, I am bored with the nature of Internet Marketing. The more you get yourself involved, the more truth you discover about money making on the net.

Blogging is one of the most sought after platform for money making on the Internet. To be exact - on the world wide web actually. That's because blogs originated from "weblogs" - much like a recorded or a softcopy of activities done on the web. By the way, softcopy means a virtual copy as contrary to hardcopy like printed manuals.

I am sure there are possibly many ways to make money online. And blogging is just one of them. I hope to learn more and to share with you what I have experienced. Don't forget to leave some comments. Drop some useful tips maybe. Let us share the money making experience.

Stay tune and enjoy!