Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Using Article Wizard to build your content

Sometimes there is a need to speed up the process of writing contents for your blog. You have an idea of what topic to write and you need to do some research to find facts to be discussed and presented in the article of your postings.

A great tool that you can use to get started and for the long run is an automated article writer. Instant Article Wizard is a product by Jonathan Leger that I am currently using. It has the ability to do the research and generate contents for you simply by supplying keywords for your contents.

The software helps you by finding information from various sources on the Internet and presents them in the form of organized excerpts, displaying sentences made up by the keyword you supplied. You can organize the points manually and copy the texts derived from your research into your favorite word processor for further editing.

There are two common ways in how you can make full use of the software:

  1. For the purpose of generating contents automatically – you can use the software to instantly create great articles for your posts without having to spend much time to rewrite.
  2. For the purpose of facts researching – you can use it only to find facts regarding the article that you wish to post.

In my case, I prefer to use it for the purpose of researching. I know you can do research as well through search engine such as Google or Yahoo but the difference is that IAW (Instant Article Wizard) is able to present you what you need in a much organized one single page of information.

It is indeed a great useful tool reasonably priced to invest for your monetized blogs. I would usually research facts about a topic and use the information derived as points which I would then expressed in my own words. It is just my preference to have my own say in my effort to elaborate facts.

Some advantages for using IAW:

  • Time saving – save even more times when you have several blogs to handle.
  • Automated content generation – you don’t have to worry much about writing.
  • Useful research tool – if you prefer to rewrite yourself, use IAW to help you find points for your article.


  • You may get addicted because doing research is so easy.
  • Results may vary depending on your search keyword.
  • There might be cases with an abundance of information that you need to have considerable thought on determining what facts that you can use for your research.

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